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5 Signs of Gaslighting in Your Workplace and How to Stop It

The word Gaslighting is used so many times to describe sensitive situations. It is an important word that pertains to violent behavior both on the personal front and in the professional sector. The term was used to describe the unhealthy relationships between family members, which results in violence and manipulative acts of suppression. However, Gaslighting also happens at work, where fellow employees or your boss can manipulate and suppress you to control your growth.

In business sectors where employees are not chosen according to their personalities and the culture that fits best with the company vision, then there is a chance that destructive attitudes and unhealthy competition will rise. Hence it is vital to introduce managed service provider experts who can reduce clashes and support employees in the workplace by hiring the right fit and studying their productivity.

5 Signs of Gaslighting in Your Workplace

It is essential to define the word Gaslighting in the workplace. The person being Gaslighted is forced to question their thoughts and value systems. For instance, if a person has ideas that might be productive for the enterprise, another colleague, due to unhealthy competitive behavior or inadequate training, can lead the other person with the idea to question themselves. People lose confidence and do not voice their opinions due to this kind of behavior in the workplace. A managed service provider ensures that they provide only individuals who bring skills, culture, and values to ensure seamless employee management at the micro level

  1. There is Negativity All Around - You are always on the negative side of the discussion. Your colleague is always giving you negative accounts of your performance.
  2. Absence of Encouragement- There needs to be more encouragement for your productive growth in the company. Your boss or your colleagues do not recognize your work progress or give you accolades for the same.
  3. Lack of Emotional Support- No emotional and mental health support provided by the company leads to highly stressful work days and lower productivity.
  4. No Learning Opportunities- The workplace needs to provide adequate training and educational courses to ensure the growth of the employees. The employer feels inadequate and out of place all the time.
  5. Lack of Teamwork and Collaboration

    Teamwork and Collaboration

    Although teams are given specific project responsibilities, there is still a lack of teamwork. Individuals do not support each other and only engage in unhealthy competition by reducing the image of others.

Ways to Stop Gaslighting in the Workplace

Gaslighting is a cultural issue that occurs when employees do not comply with the value systems. Workplace ethics is a concern of many enterprises in India. One solution to this issue is to utilize external companies that provide trained and skilled executives that complement the value systems and objectives of the corporations. These companies also use staffing software solutions to recruit, and train people in specific skill sets, which are part of best practices in the corporate sector. It will save you time and help you reduce negative emotions and unhealthy competition in your company. Additionally, you can also ensure a healthy work environment by:

  • Have regular honest conversations with your fellow employees and team members.
  • Learn to recognize signs of disruptive behavior and reprimand the person.
  • Give adequate incentives and rewards for good work.
  • Get external unbiased opinions to corroborate your suspicions.

Make sure that you have data ready for every employee and the work that they have done. Staffing software solutions such as data exchange platforms and other interactive platforms can help organize individual workplace activities and outcomes. Ensure your employees have an anonymous platform to lodge complaints against anyone causing harm to the atmosphere.


The hiring process is the key to the future productive growth of the company. You must hire the best fit for a company to ensure better performance, good brand image, and culture. Given the vast workforce in India, it is impossible to track its performance. Hence, external staffing agencies are utilized to provide an unbiased opinion about employees and their productivity growth.


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