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Debunking Myths Surrounding Staffing Agencies and Recruitment Firms

The importance of staffing agencies and recruitment firms have evolved over the years. Earlier, companies used to see it as a tool for filling last-minute gaps in their workforce. That is not the case now. With the number of job applicants increasing each year, organizations want a way to filter out generic candidates and shortlist the appropriate applicant for the job.

As the global demand for talent has increased, staffing agencies have played a big role in a company’s talent acquisition strategies. They provide services like finding high potential individuals, handling the payrolls, finding out permanent or temporary positions that match candidate’s expectations, and also satisfies the requirements of the employer, etc.

It’s time to debunk some myths regarding staffing agencies and recruitment firms.

They are expensive:

It is actually the opposite. Hiring staffing agencies and recruiting firms save you money. It is expensive to keep an unsuitable employee in a responsible position. Staffing agencies help organizations cut down on such losses by providing the right talent. They also help you eliminate overtime expenses and simplify the HR administration. You can also rely on their rich talent pool to get the right candidate at a short notice.

The hire is only temporary:

This is not true. The client gets employers on a contractual basis. However, if a candidate is efficient, then his contract can be extended or he can even become a permanent employee for the organization.

Only good for entry-level jobs:

A staffing agency has candidates who range from entry-level to highly qualified and experienced. So, if you have a position that requires high skills, then do not ignore using the services of a staffing agency. In fact, they can help you get a more qualified person than you could have found on your own.

Temporary staff is only good for fill-is:

Presently, the staffing agencies provide a number of services, which can be customized as per your workforce needs. These include direct-hire, temporary hire, contract staffing, and payroll management. Some even provide more advanced management solutions like on-site supervision and vendor management system.

Cannot hire a good employee through a staffing agency:

A staffing firm performs deep background checks on all it’s candidates, as well as makes them interview ready, do various skill tests, and make sure they are employable.

To conclude, using staffing agencies and recruitment firms as strategic tools, companies can cut down on their excessive expenditure and at the same time get the right employees.

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