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Five Major Reasons for Employees Leaving: Time to Impose Employee Lifecycle Management

No employee joins an organization with a decision that they will leave in a few months or a year or less. If you look at the industrial staffing record too, you will know there are many reasons that human resource professionals don’t pay heed to. Off late, employee lifecycle management is getting all the attention. This positive attention is good. We will discuss this late. Before that, let us know the five major reasons for an employee leaving an organization. 

Reasons that influence employees to leave

  • Mismatch in the job description and the actual job

This is one of the most known reasons for an employee leaving your organization. If the recruiter had shared detail of the job during the industrial staffing campaign, and the same had been reiterated during the interview too; however, when the person joins, they find it a different role altogether. This is accounted for breach of trust. 
Unhealthy team relationship

When working in an organization, one needs to feel one with the team members and the team. What if that is lacking? Have you tried bridging this gap through the employee lifecycle management process? If not, you must look into this issue right away and resolve it. No one likes to work in an environment that doesn’t have unity and the feeling of togetherness. This may sound personal. Just as in our homes, we have a family to fall back to, and the workplace should impose and foster such a culture too. This helps people with homesickness in an even broader way.

  • Lack of respect

If you are an HR professional, have you come across an employee that has been sad not because you are paying them lesser but because of the reporting manager? This is an outcome of inappropriate industrial staffing. The reporting manager who is already an employee of the organization needs to have a proper induction on ethics, work professionalism, driving empathy, etc. If you come across such employees, you should know that something is missing in your employee lifecycle management process. 

  • No way to grow

After joining an organization, if an employee starts feeling that there is no scope for growth, the employee will be demotivated. Initially, this may not be the reason for quitting, but eventually, it will. Growth is one of the reasons why someone joins your organization.

  • Better salary

With experience, the employee that joined at a package lesser than the market standard will learn. When they do so, they will first speak with you. If you don’t listen to them, they will look for a better opportunity elsewhere. Who will you blame for this? 

The above five reasons have been ruling the world of attrition in various industries. It is time for HR professionals and the leadership to take a closer look at the employee psyche through employee lifecycle management

What is employee lifecycle management?

As the name suggests, it is a system that helps the human resource to understand the attitude and experience of employees in each cycle of their tenure. This process also helps in ensuring that HR connects with the employees and seeks their feedback. As a result, an employee feels valued and heard, which paves the way for a better employee-employer relationship. 

Wrap Up

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