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How Does a General Staffing Company Provide Effective HR Solutions?

There are various companies that require specialized staffing services for their temporary requirements or permanent requirements to meet their specific project specializations and requirements. Until and unless the staff is not skilled and qualified enough to contribute to the organization with the best of their caliber, no organization would want to hire them for their projects or temporary vacancies.

With a more challenging workforce and competitive industries, it is important that staffs are highly skilled and specialized in their qualification and add value to what they can bring to the table. Here’s how YOMA, the best general staffing company helps you with its versatile HR Solutions.

What Types of Staffing Services are provided by a General Staffing Company like YOMA?

YOMA is the most competitive and best general staffing company amongst a list of other competitors. What makes YOMA unique and competitive is the collective pool of diverse range of competitive services that it provides to its clients and organizations.

One of the most diverse staffing service providers, YOMA provides all types of staffing services to various industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, FMCG and Consumer products, BFSI, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT & Software, Engineering, BPO and ITES, Automobiles, Manufacturing, and other verticals of diverse industries.

YOMA successfully attempts to bridge the gap between the challenges faced by several organizations. 

For many other such diverse industries, it provides general staffing, industrial staffing, expert staffing, technical staffing, and staff augmentation services on engagement modules of a specific time period such as staffs required for the temporary duration, permanent staffing, contract-based staffing, apprenticeship training for unskilled labor and staffs, deployment of skilled staffs in stores, etc.

Being a company oriented towards developing and optimizing talented staff towards success, it provides dynamic staffing services to industries by matching their skillset to the project requirement. This helps companies focus on their core operations by letting YOMA take care of their staffing requirement and temporary vacancies. Not only does this enable them in providing the best staffing needs but their orient their staff and take care of the entire lifecycle of an employee of the organization through their staffing solutions.

What are the HR Solutions provided by a General Staffing Company?

A general staffing company like YOMA has the best HR solutions that industries can outsource as they are a one-stop-destination for all the HR services and People’s Management oriented tasks. YOMA’s process-related services are highly dynamic in nature. This dynamism in their staffing services is due to the integration of different services that incorporates enhanced functions to provide the best staffing solutions through their in-house technology ‘Proanto’ that provides incredible scalability by operating at a larger volume and helping the organization in all of its HR-related process work.

Why Choose HR Solutions of YOMA?

Meeting the industry-specific requirements will need the deployment of highly skilled professionals and industrial staffing solutions to increase the workforce productivity and these services are provided to different industries through YOMA’s robust in-house technology and its best HR solutions that take care of the entire package:

  • Hiring Services
  • Kiosk-based Login Facility
  • Onboarding and KYC
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee lifecycle management
  • Productivity Solutions
  • Training and Skilling Solutions
  • Payroll and Compliances Management
  • Exit Management

By helping you work through the compliance and other legalities of payroll management through their in-house software integration ‘Proanto’, YOMA is evidently a one-stop-destination for all of your HR-related work problems by providing you with better HR metrics and analytics. To know more about its versatile features, click here


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