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How to Decide Between Using Temporary Help vs Hiring a Permanent Employee

Do you feel that your company is understaffed? In need of a team member with a very specific skill set? If you feel the need for an extra helping hand, but are hesitant to hire a permanent employee due to not having a lasting need for their talent, then consider availing the services of a temporary staffing solution.

Temporary staffing is a great option to solve short-term staffing requirements. You have the freedom of hiring them for specific projects and for a specific period of time. You are not obliged to keep them for a long term.

Temporary hiring vs Permanent hiring: Identify your requirements

It is a tough decision to choose between temporary staff and permanent employees. If you are struggling to decide, which one is best for your company, then these tips might help you.

Determine ongoing need: First, understand your reason for hiring additional staff. If your business has a constant fluctuation in demand, then keeping temporary staff may be the best option, since when things slow down you would not have to keep them. However, if your business is stable, and you do not see any slowdowns in the foreseeable future, then hiring a permanent employee would be beneficial.

Calculate budget size: Hiring the services of temporary staff is less costly than hiring permanent employees. You would obviously have to pay staffing agency fees, but you will be saving on employee benefits like paid time off, health insurance, and other perks, all of which are significant savings.

Establish hiring timeframe: If you have a vacant position and want to fill it fast, then you will also have to hire someone fast. While this may satisfy the immediate need of your company, in the long run, you may regret this decision if the employee turns out to be unskilled. Hiring temporary staff is the safest way to fill any vacant position, so you can take your time searching for the best person to permanently hold the job.

Pros and cons of temporary hiring and permanent employment.

Temporary staffing (Pros):

  • Candidates can provide special skills for your company on a short term basis.
  • You can cherry-pick the most suitable candidates for permanent positions.
  • Temporary hiring can act as a screen test to see the candidate’s potential, while also making sure your work gets done.
  • As mentioned before, it is more cost-effective compared to permanent hiring.

Temporary staffing (Cons):

  • Training is still required for temporary staff, which can be time-consuming and expensive.
  • There is a fixed end date for the temporary service, which may fall on a busy period when you require additional assistance the most.
  • The temporary employee may leave abruptly when they find better opportunities.
  • The hourly pay for temporary staff is typically a bit higher since they do not get any extra benefits from the company like health insurance etc.

Permanent employment (Pros):

  • More stability in your organization, reducing stress level.
  • A permanent employee can be more motivated to do their best to grow in the organization.
  • Team bonding is much better and this reflects in their productivity.

Permanent employment (Cons):

  • Much more expensive compared to having a temporary staff. Have to provide company benefits, resources, training, etc.
  • Recruiting efforts is much more time consuming and requires a lot of hard work on the organization’s part to find a suitable candidate.
  • Even after the recruiting effort, many companies face the problem of employees leaving barely completing a month into the organization.

In conclusion, your choice of having a permanent or temporary employee is entirely up to your situation and requirement. If you are looking for a company that is a one-stop destination for all staffing solutions, then look no further, with more than a decade of experience in the staffing industry, YOMA has been part of many organizations’ success journey. Connect with us and we will provide you with a customized solution that meets your objective.

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