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Staffing Companies In India

Importance of Staffing Companies for your business

A company is not run by its owners, instead, it is run by the people who work there. Even the owner would admit to that. And it’s important to pick your people as carefully as you pick vegetables. That’s why you need to pay a rigorous amount of attention to do it or pay a third-party specialized company to do it for you.

What are Staffing Companies?

The staffing companies also known as employment agencies, satisfy a company’s hiring needs based on its requirements of skillsets. People who work for an organization through a staffing company are not employees; instead, they are temporary workers who are paid by the staffing company.

What do Staffing Companies do?

It’s not just about hiring. It’s more about being good or even the best in their domain. So, responsibilities of Staffing Companies include:

1- Recognizing the company’s task requirements
2- Identifying the personnel needed to achieve the same
3- Conducting interviews and reducing the number of candidates on the shortlist
4- Background checks and employment history are used to vet potential recruits.
5- Contracts are drawn up and legal difficulties are investigated.
6- If there are any gaps, training will be provided.
7- Follow-ups on the temp workers’ performance to ensure that the standards are met

Why are staffing companies necessary?

Direct hiring has its advantages. One bad hiring can bring so many bad things along. That’s why outsourcing is essential and beneficial. So, staffing companies become your need when:

1- You want a network with passive (extremely sought-after) candidates in it.
2- You have a sudden requirement of employees.
3- You have a seasonal business.
4- You want experts to search for the best in their industry.
5- You are looking for an employee with a specific skill-set.
6- You are concerned about unemployment claims.
7- You want to learn about a candidates’ qualities before committing.
8- You are short of time for the recruitment process.
9- You want to reduce the recruitment costs.

Benefits of hiring through Staffing Companies

Staffing Companies become advantageous to business by saving:

1- TIME : They are aggressively working to establish a network of qualified specialists. To expand their talent pool, they seek out online communities, passive applicants, and even conduct their events.

2- MONEY : They’d have to pay an in-house employee to perform the same task. Hiring a third party would do it for less and in a better way.

3- NEEDLESS HASSLES: The inconvenience of handling contractor payroll taxes, workers comp, and unemployment benefits is eradicated

4- STIFF COMPETITION : Using a specialized staffing company would bring in a better candidate from a vast pool than otherwise.

Other benefits include:

1- Employers get the liberty to adjust their workforce : Companies usually depend on staffing services to hire talented individuals, which they often want to keep for the long term.

2- Staffing Companies have a broad range of networks : Staffing Services include candidates from different domains, regions, and cultures. They also have a reach to potential passive candidates who couldn’t be reached otherwise.

What do we offer?

As important it is to choose the right candidate, it’s as important to choose the right staffing company as well. You need to ask yourself- do they provide the solutions you need? How does their recruitment process work? What is their reputed state in the industry? And to help you with your answers, have a look at our staffing solutions at YOMA Staffing Services.


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