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Rare Facts about Job Consultancy

How much of an expert are you in determining what fits you the best? To what extent are you satisfied with your job role? Imagine you were looking for a job, you applied for a gazillion of positions at various organizations but did not get a callback? Like millions out there, if you are not adopting the smart way, you might as well be stuck in a vicious cycle of a job hunt. To tide over all of these issues is the reason you should know about job consultancy.

Facts that You Didn’t Know about Job Consultancy:

You might be well aware of what purpose a job consultancy may serve along with the list of services they provide but knowing the bare minimum and making a final judgment does not fare well in the long run. Here are some of the unique facts that you may not know about job consultancy services:

1- Enhance professional reputation: Creating the best networks with experts in recruiting and consulting for careers earns you a good reputation. Why else do you think LinkedIn encourages you to connect with professionals from your network? Organizations would much rather have you on board if you have a well-established network and connections with employees or employers belonging to a particular niche.

If recruiters and consultants such as you, at times their words weigh more than your CV would because their years of experience and quality of work ensures that others get the best talent out of the lot.

2- Equip you by training you the required skills: Aside from what they are meant to do, they also act as career counselors and guide you through your career path to develop as per your goals. They help you set the right goals and provide you with the guidance to achieve these skills by training you to be ideal for the position you are aiming for. Many may not know this but they groom you, work on your skills and prepare you to ace the interview through mock trials to help you practice. This increases your candidature and chances of getting a job by manifolds!

3- Negotiating With Clients: Have you ever been stuck in a rut that is mentally taxing? Salary negotiations are all about tip-toeing around the bar that is set to be offered. It is not less than dance and these consultants have been in the game for far too long to lose. Job consultants have tie-ups with companies that essentially become their clients. Due to their association and wide-ranging networks within these companies, you might be able to fetch yourself a better package through quick negotiation that consultants carry out with the employer on your behalf. If anything, this is bound to make you feel relieved since negotiating a good package for yourself is always a stressful task!

4- They know all of the inside trade secrets: Would you not want to know about possible openings and vacancies in the company before anyone else could get a sniff of it? They know what kind of labor shortage in their network and the vacant positions give you the upper hand. They also know about upcoming projects and can source you even those positions that have not been openly advertised. They recognize the shift in the seasonal patterns of hiring and train you to prepare for these positions well in advance!

5- Get your Resume on the top of the offering table: 52% of candidates don’t receive any communication in the two to three or more months after applying.

If your resume is stuck in an overloading pile of resumes, chances are that the employers might get the best out of the lot at the very beginning of the pile. Getting your resume enhanced by consultants that have the expertise as to what sells and works for the job profile you are looking for is always a smarter option. Since most of these consultants are well-versed with recruiting software, they assist you with specific keywords that allow your resume to be screened easily.

6- Matching Specific Candidate Needs With Suitable Companies: It is the core function of job consultancies to match the candidates with the job openings in different companies. The add-on benefit that job seekers can have by getting job consultancy services is that they can present any specific need they have to the job consultants and they would assist them in finding a suitable company as per the need. They also determine the candidate profile and personal strength and come up with alternative options based on the specific need that the job seeker has put forth.

7- Make you the ideal fit for the company: Job consultants give you a unique perspective on what could make you shine! They highlight the qualities that could get you the desired position you are after. With the fair share of experiences they have had, they open you a door of endless possibilities, you might as well get a career that you never knew would be a stellar opportunity for you!


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