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Manpower Supply

Staffing Companies and Manpower Supply

With the cut-throat rivalry that we know as the corporate world, you will be more than surprised to know the harsh realities of the fierce competition. Companies end up reaching a point where either they make it big or they lose it all.

Amidst all the chaos, it is good to have someone by your side! That’s exactly where esteemed organizations of manpower supply services and staffing companies step in!

The effective end-to-end recruiting process helps you in building a well-equipped manpower supply that leaves behind the workload of hiring in the hands of an expert that hires the best talent!

Being one of the finest manpower supply service providers, YOMA Multinational provides you with the best of the talent to hire at a higher cost benefits of upto 50%. With the years of experience YOMA has, it delivers you with a large pool of talent and hires the best passive or active job-seekers for your organization!

Office Staffing companies at YOMA provide the best outsourcing services around the end-to-end recruitment process, HR services of payroll management, legal compliances, exit formalities, and employee lifecycle management.

We cater to the needs of several industries: Services of YOMA cater to industries such as FMCG and Consumer products, BFSI, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, Engineering, BPO and ITES, Automobiles, Manufacturing, and various other verticals.

Integrated and Shared resource management: YOMA bridges the gap between inexperience and lack of resources by deploying our best experts to help you build a resilient workforce at the top stores as well as your organization’s firm. This service offers higher cost-savings and more flexibility when you have seasonal workforce requirements. 

Diversity in services: YOMA provides dynamic services integrating different staffing company services with enhanced functions such as:

  • General Staffing Solutions: This solution offers your organization with end-to-end employee management and staffing services to fulfill temporary, contractual, project-based and long-term manpower requirements.
  • Industrial Staffing Solutions: With well-found expertise in unskilled laborers, technical staff, and specialized skilled workforce, we help in hiring and deploying skilled manpower in the manufacturing units and industries through NAPS to meet the dynamic requirements.
  • Staff Augmentation: These solutions provide your organization a flexible outsourcing strategy to hire the best talent across all the profiles and verticals with adherence to statutory compliance.

We also provide Apprenticeship Programs to upskill the technical, skilled, and unskilled labor by adequate training.

In-house technology: Having incorporated a fully automated and robust technology platform we help you to provide scalability in operating at a larger volume.

Contractual work: We specialize in the seasonal, long-term, and project-based manpower requirements of your organization by providing outsourcing and HR solutions to all sectors of industries, technology, and business.

Analytical reports: Out expert back-end analytics team gives continued support in providing analytical and real-time reports of your workforce by providing their clients visibility of the workflow, employee dashboards, and on-ground activities at all times.

Managed Services: Providing you with the most innovative solutions to develop your manpower by enhancing productivity through training, industry-specific deployment, and adherence to compliances. We ensure transparency and accountability by providing direct bank account payments for the workforce.

Shared Resource Program: Focused primarily on providing management services to the top stores to the FMCG/Consumer goods industry to fulfill the dynamic requirements of operational efficiency. We provide your industry with sales promoters and representatives along with other resources within your budget to target larger areas.

Apprenticeship Program: Our affiliation with apprenticeship training organizations such as Skill India works for the vision of addressing the issue of youth unemployment and provides services to upskill the youth to ensure higher wages, better job retention, and opportunities across different industries.


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