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Employee Management

Studies that Signify the Importance of Employee Management

According to one of the studies at SHRM conducted in 2017, it is reported that only about 29 percent of employees were “very satisfied” in terms of Employee Management and Job Satisfaction with the current plan or scenario of career advancement goals or opportunities that were available to them within the organizations that they were working for*.

However, other than those, there is about 41 percent that considers job satisfaction the biggest factor which is why companies need to pay closer attention to ensure that their employees feel satisfied with their job role and are incentivized so that they do not think about leaving the company and rather they advance in their careers. 

Although, with another SHRM study, it was reported that 30 percent of the organization’s employees considered career development opportunities so that they could be provided with learning and personal growth opportunities which in general is deemed to be very important. However, it was reported that only 30 percent were satisfied with the current situation at their organization. Here’s how YOMA believes in employee management by delivering the best staff management services for your company.

Significance of Employee Management and Attendance Management:

It is a known fact that there are going to be employees who might start looking for other jobs if their co-workers and themselves are not feeling satisfied with the job role they have. And they might also feel the need to do so if other co-works are doing well which is why the companies have to be careful of a domino effect that could take place in their workforce affecting their attendance management.

As per Gallup’s meta-analysis, there are different sets of businesses or work units that have also scored the highest on employee management, showing that about 21 percent reported higher levels of profitability than all the other units that were there in the lowest quartile.*

YOMA through their best staff recruiters has helped companies in their employee management by reducing their operational costs and streamlining their internal processes so that they can easily focus on their core business operations rather than focusing on non-core operations.

What are the benefits of hiring Staff Management Services?

For almost the last decade, the services provided by YOMA offer attendance management services with experts that happen to be well-versed in their knowledge domain and well-equipped with the latest technology. YOMA ensures the best of their practices in enabling you to uplift your organization through all the verticals of human resource management by better employment administration.

Employee Management Services Provided by YOMA:

At YOMA we provide outsourcing services such as employee management and attendance management to companies as we have a large pool of resources that can be solely dedicated to managing the HR process-related and employment processes thus, enabling you to work on your main operations:

  • Ensuring 100% Compliance

  • Deployment in different industries

  • Recruitment: Entry and Exit Formalities

  • Training and Mentoring

  • Payroll Management

  • Employee lifecycle management

  • Attendance Management

  • KYC and compliance 

  • Staffing Services

YOMA’s exceptional outsourcing services will provide you with the best of all-inclusive strategies that can enhance the workflow management through better process-related work and for the entire duration of the employee management by managing their life-cycle starting from onboarding of the employee, orientation, training, compliance check, payroll management, incentives, attendance management, and retirement, etc.

At YOMA, we extend our staff management services to all sizes of businesses be it either small, medium, or large companies under various industries, check out our services


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