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Temporary Staffing and the Effect of Pandemic

For the past two years and knowing the impact of Covid Pandemic, companies have gained acceptance in managing the ratio of temporary and permanent staffing between 30:70 while shifting focus to temporary staffing.

Preferences have changed and organizations are more inclined towards having a wider spread of talent pool without being fussy about educational background and location.

There has been an incredible increase in the demand of contractual staff across the globe. Needless to say, it’s because of the pandemic outbreak. The times have never been so challenging for the health case sector. While managing the staffing requirements have always been challenging, pandemic has further increased the demand for qualified talents.

A simple way to hire the best pool of talent that befits your budget, seasonal requirements and changing skills, is to switch to a hiring platform that provides you seamless integration with other portals also.

Following are some of the key benefits associated with temporary staffing and related HR outsourcing services.

1- Attract and hire top talent: Given the exponentially increasing unemployment rate because of the Pandemic, today, millions of people are looking for a job. This situation has led people to negotiate more and accept offers at nominal salaries, which in turn has increased the challenge for HR professionals – sourcing and hiring the best talent. This is where temporary staffing companies help filtering profiles while maintaining the required effectiveness and efficiency.

Another challenge is to get the best talent within the given budget. Here, again the challenge is successfully addressed by the temporary staffing companies. Be it a qualified field force executive or a specialized technician, these companies deal with all kinds of temporary staffing requirements.

2- Streamline recruitment processes: Well, hiring is a dynamic process. There is no one-size-fits-all policy or possibility when it comes to hiring. This is the place where instead of going haywire, hiring an experienced agency plays a better role. It not just saves costs, but increases employee retention, hiring effectiveness while bringing a structure to the entire hiring process.

3- Increased Productivity and Engagement: Another benefit of hiring a staffing agency that deals in different employment and employability solutions is that they not just focus on hiring, but overall development and nurturing of hired staff. No matter if the staff is hired for a client and is working on a temporary basis, the additional  and grooming plays a major role in retaining best talents. Cherry on the cake is that this seasonal hiring often helps companies to retain beat talents and increase overall productivity and engagement within the organization.

4. Technology powered solutions: Another major benefit of hiring an expert in this field is to take advantage of their technology-based solutions. Most of the companies jabe software and applications to support the entire hiring process. From onboarding to exit of employees, these software provide accessibility and transparency to each stage of recruitment. Customized dashboards, real-time visibility of field employees and complete management of payrolls with 100% compliance, are some of the key benefits you can experience with these companies.

Hiring a specialist for all operational tasks helps you to concentrate more on revenue-generating departments while taking maximum control over manual tasks and human errors.

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