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What are the Expected Deliverables of a Manpower Supply?

Organizations that have begun to work on their significant flaws and have improved on the areas that require immediate attention have reduced their overall operating costs! In order to do so, they’ll need to start looking for outsourced recruiting or workforce supply firms to help them hire temporary and specialized workers. Studies in December 2019 have reported that 63% of a company’s staff was temporary in many countries on average.

However, with such a wide pool of talent available and unreachable, it becomes even more difficult for businesses to locate the ideal applicant for the job. We at YOMA international, a leader in providing manpower services, have spent years working in the industry to understand the needs of your business! With our years of experience, we can assist you by bringing the greatest talent to you! 

What are the factors that you must consider and Have in Check before Opting for a Managed Service Provider?

  • When you first begin working with a manpower supply firm, you must ensure that you are making the best decision possible based on the needs of the company. Examine their services based on the niche to which your industry belongs, and determine the one that meets your need.
  • If you decide to use a manpower supply service from a firm, look at their time period in the field to see how long they’ve been in business. Companies with a long history will always have a larger pool of competent candidates and connected vendors to choose from.
  • You must have a good understanding of the concept and strategy of the agencies’ sourcing, screening, and end-to-end recruitment processes in order to shortlist them and their services. Understanding their offerings can assist you in assessing whether or not a specific manpower supply firm is a good fit for you.
  • The cost of the service is the most important aspect of it; you should discuss the cost of manpower supply service well in advance. This will assist you in determining their competitive costs, examining whether they are within your budget, and determining whether the pricing is reasonable for the services they give.
  • Make sure to inquire about the manpower supply company’s talent pool database. You must determine whether it has sufficient access to networks that match the specialization or talents required by your organization.

They must provide you with a detailed action plan and a clear strategic plan for how their manpower supply services will provide you with the highest return on your personnel investment.

Manpower Supply Services Provided by YOMA:

For all industries, our workforce solutions are the finest one-stop-shop. We can provide general or industry-specific staffing to meet your needs. Not only are our services dependable, but they also enable you to take advantage of cost-effective virtual hiring options. The best of these solutions are provided by technologically driven HR services combined with great services and support:

We provide end-to-end employee management and staffing services to meet temporary, contractual, project-based, and long-term manpower needs.

  • Industrial Staffing Solutions: Unskilled laborers, technical employees, and skilled workers are all areas where we excel. To satisfy the dynamic requirements, we employ and deploy competent workers in manufacturing units and sectors through NAPS.
  • Staff Augmentation: Our solutions provide a flexible outsourcing strategy to hire the best talent across all the profiles and verticals with adherence to statutory compliance.
  • Managed Services: Providing creative ways to improve your workforce’s efficiency through training, industry-specific deployment, and adherence to regulations. We make sure that utmost transparency and accountability are provided to the employees.
  • Shared Resource Program: This program is largely focused on delivering management services to the top stores in the FMCG/Consumer Goods market in order to meet the industry’s dynamic operational requirements. We give sales promoters and agents, dynamic tools, to target broader areas within your budget. We give real-time daily reporting and analytics, and we improve resource utilization and cost by pooling resources.
  • Apprenticeship Program: Our partnerships with organizations like Skill India help to solve the issue of youth unemployment by providing services to upskill young people in order to assure greater pay, improved job retention, and opportunities in a variety of industries.


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