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Which is better BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or Staff Augmentation?

In 2022 the correct goal was choosing staff augmentation that helped companies to balance productivity and revenue. The concept of staff augmentation is mostly known to be related to the IT industry, where external technical talent is used to continue work on current projects in the company when there is a lack of skills. It is a process of utilizing talent from the outside to fill the gaps in the company’s current workforce. There are a large number of opportunities that have opened up for the workforce, and due to the different expectations concerning Gen Z, it becomes necessary to augment your staff occasionally. 74% of Gen Z will quit their jobs in the next year if the workplace does not meet their expectations.  

How is staff augmentation related to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)? 

Staff Augmentation will become an alternate strategy to expand the skills of your team. Business Process Outsourcing and staff augmentation are quite similar to each other as both involve working with people from outside the organization. In business process outsourcing, a third party takes care of the entire business operations, while in the case of staff augmentation, only a certain number of skilled professionals are taken from outside to work with the employees of the company to complete a project. Staff augmentation will help you maintain your independence and allow you to ascertain the reliability of a candidate before you hire them or let them go at your will. Staffing companies in India provide temporary staff who will be the best fit for your company and can adapt to the environment easily. Staff Augmentation is a successful process because of its scalability in comparison to hiring permanent staff for your company. 

Assessing misunderstanding and Key Benefits of Staff Augmentation in projects 

Staffing companies in India provide specialized staff to meet the skill gaps in the company. The staff could be employed for both short and long-term projects depending on the duration. It is pointed out that staff augmentation is typically used for short-term projects, which can be more beneficial than using it for long-term projects that last for more than a year. However, the general misunderstandings of staff augmentation are:

  1. Secrecy – there is a misunderstanding that staff augmentation can cause leaks of critical intellectual property. An agreement that is signed with the contractor is bulletproof as compared to a full-time employee. Therefore, staffing companies in India are legally bound to the clients when it comes to protecting intellectual property rights. 
  2. Understanding the context – There is also a misunderstanding that the employer, even with their high number of skills, will immediately adapt to the project. Every company needs to understand that in staff augmentation, ramp-up time is required, especially when there is a complex project in hand. 


  1. Agility – Staff augmentation is a strategy that can be utilized to increase the agility of the business by ensuring adaptation and focusing on changing needs. It is a cross-functional strategy whose importance cannot be diminished. Alternate staff is used now beyond the IT sector, where augmented staff is taking care of sales (26%), finance (32%), customer service (27%), HR (36%), marketing (36%), operations, and innovation (33-34%).
  2. Experience – End of the day, it is your experience that will help you to deal with tough situations. Augmenting your staff can help you gain experience in trained individuals who have the confidence and the skills to deal with complex projects. These individuals are aware of the time crunch and the costs which form part of their strategy.
  3. Consideration of the cost and the quality – Augmenting your staff will also help you reduce the cost of hiring. If it is a shorter project and you only need somebody for a couple of months, then staff augmentation services are the best possible solution to reduce expenses. These professionals will provide quality performance, and you will not have to spend more.
  4. Skill selection – You get to choose the skills that you require for your company, and the external staffing companies in India will cater to your needs. They will select the right fit for your company within a short period.
  5. Unbiased – The external staff will be unbiased in their opinions regarding the company situation. They will provide an outside view of how to solve problems and the current environment of your company. 


Staff Augmentation is about gaining high quality with low investments. Although we hear this concept when it comes to the IT industry, it is very necessary for most companies today. Make sure that you connect with the right staffing company and augment your staff to complete the project on time. 


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