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About Us

Founded on an innovative idea that every small or large-scaled business should run like a fortune 500 company, we introduced technology-driven HR services that work with clients all the way. With an industry-leading suite of HR outsourcing services that are backed by cutting-edge technology, we provide one-stop-solution to the following-

Our application-based, outsourcing, and HR solutions are paired with unparalleled service and support that helps in managing recruitment, training, payrolls, payments and automates complete employee lifecycle management through a single hr management software. We can fulfill your need for third-party payroll companies with ease. Due to our seamless and exceptional services, we rank amongst the top payroll software companies in India. Though we are a young company, yet, we have quite an established and remarkable presence across 300 + locations in the country and working with 150+ renowned organizations in India. We have emerged as the pioneers of people, technology, and payments services, all under one roof.

Who Are We

YOMA has been in the HR industry for the last two decades and has been dedicatedly providing a comprehensive range of HR services and management consulting to all-sized businesses. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, it is imperative to understand the current needs of businesses. We adopt a comprehensive yet tiered approach to provide the best HR outsourcing services to our clients.

Rapidly growing in the recruitment and staffing sector, we have created a strong position, as one of the influential companies in this sector, and have won prestigious long-term contracts against our local and international counterparts.


YOMA Staffing Services

General Staffing

We provide scalability in operating a larger volume of temporary staffing..

Industrial Staffing

We have expertise in hiring reliable and experienced laborers for all...

Staff Augmentation

We work on a sanctioned fixed budget finalized for the project...

Managed Services

We simplify the highly complex functions of staffing, technology...

Shared Resource Program

With shared resources model, we enable companies to deploy more...

Apprenticeship Program (NAPS)

We support the Indian government’s National Apprenticeship Promotion...

We also represent some of the biggest and the most respected training & consulting companies in India like

Blanchard® India, VitalSmarts® India, InsideOut Development, BYLD Group, Everything DiSC® Five Behaviors®, Eagle’s Flight™ etc.

YOMA Multinational – Get Access to Top HR Outsourcing Services

YOMA’s HR outsourcing services are a written plan of action that highlights how a company will successfully discover, recruit, and employ qualified people to fill available jobs.

Advantages of availing HR outsourcing services of YOMA:
  • Boost in productivity
  • Maintaining security standards
  • More possibilities and creativity
  • Improvement of financing and customer relations
  • Development of staff representation.
  • Establishing relationships with customers and financial institutions.
  • Individual accountability for one's conduct

Best HR Management Software for All Your Problems

Our HR management software helps customers in maintaining full-time employees with the skills they need, ensuring that their operations are ready for the complete production and delivery of products and services.

What’s the best way to get the best out of your employees?

In helping them realize their true potential.

Our human resource software will help your people perform at maximum efficiency, and their potential will only rise from there.

YOMA’s HR solutions will leave no stone unturned in meeting your needs and requirements.

Mission, vision, values

Our mission

“Our mission is to help organizations realize their full people potential by helping them find the right talent, train and develop the skills of their people, to maximize business and people results.”


Our vision

“We will be the most preferred and comprehensive provider of HR solutions to help our customers solve their business and people problems.”


Our values

  • Customer centricity – We will provide an excellent experience to our internal and external customers in every interaction with them.
  • Accountability –  We will hold each other accountable for the best business and financial results.
  • Reciprocity –  We will provide and solicit positive reciprocity in all dealings with our internal and external customers.
  • Entrepreneurship –  We will relentlessly pursue new opportunities – on day-to-day basis – to add value to our business. We will work smarter and achieve more with fewer resources.

Awards and recognition

We strive to become better in whatever we do. Look at our accomplishments as the pioneers of end-to-end employee management in India.