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Manufacturing processes are changing, and so are the job skills that are needed.

Whether you’re looking for labor for short-term or seasonal projects, we have expertise in hiring reliable, experienced laborers for all kinds of industries and dynamic requirements. Our recruiters are experts and offer professional staffing services at finding the best people for the job.

We focus on industrial staffing and have expertise in hiring technical staff, unskilled laborers, specialized skilled workforce. This gives us an advantage over other staffing companies in India. We are registered under NSDC to hire and deploy skilled manpower in such manufacturing units and industries through the NAPS program. We help our clients to keep their workforce fully staffed with qualified employees with the required skills and to keep the business operations ready to produce and deliver the products or services in full capacity.


We partner with quality manufacturers across the nation placing thousands of industrial personnel annually, including, but not limited to following roles:


YOMA solutions for industries

Hiring services

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Onboarding and KYC

Attendance management

Productivity solutions

Training and skilling solutions

Payroll and compliance management

Exit management

YOMA is One of the Top Staffing Companies in India

Every company needs the assistance of a top staffing company in India for quick and effective recruiting, allowing them to lower their burden without clearing their workforce.

Choosing the desired candidate is just as crucial as selecting the correct staffing company to assist your company in finding the top prospects.

Before choosing a staffing and recruitment service to assist you in efficiently analyzing the method, you should ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will they be able to give you all of the answers you require from a manpower services company?
  • What is the recruitment process frontline, and how does it work?
  • Are they at par with the expectations of professional staffing services?
  • What is their current industrial staffing reputation?

These are some of the most prevalent questions that cross your thoughts regularly.

YOMA’s staffing professionals have the manufacturing and logistics expertise needed to deliver competent individuals and ongoing talent management to assist you in reaching your staffing objectives and propel your business forward.

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