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We always strive to develop innovative yet simplistic solutions that can help industries with their dynamic and functional needs. Our shared resources program is also built on the same belief. The solution focuses on providing end-to-end management of the top stores to FMCG/FMCD companies of all scales. We provide sales representatives or promoters, who work as a shared resource between two or more non-competitor clients. With a shared resources model, we enable companies to deploy more resources within their budget and target areas in general staffing. The cost of the resource is shared by multiple companies, thus, resulting in overall cost reduction for all the companies. We are proud to be a stand-out in the industrial staffing industry. So, we ensure the best services applicable to your organization.

Benefits of the shared resource program

On recruiting, training, and deploying the best field force available at the best rates. We take care of the compliance and other operational issues so that you can focus on bettering your products.
We not only provide fully adept manpower but with our in-house tech team, we enable them with best-in-class technology to support their in-store activities.
Our application and back-end portals are fully customizable as per your needs. We also provide utmost transparency through the daily reports on the execution done and scorecards for each store and representative on a real-time basis.

Why Should You Consider YOMA’s Shared Resources Program for Your General Staffing Needs?

Our industrial staffing services are built on excellent results and the trust of our clients.
Here’s our approach to fulfilling your requirements and needs.

  • Study the feasibility with a clear vision. Design a detailed picture of your future processes.
  • Building a close integration of processes and testing them.
  • Implement with adequate planning and make it live.
  • Keep optimizing for faster results.
  • How Availing Our General Staffing Services Help Your Organization?

    Apart from the program-specific benefits, in a long run, our program will prove beneficial for your organization. It will help in:

  • Increased effectiveness
  • Increased efficiency

  • Thus, our shared resources program will sort your general staffing needs and keep you ahead of most organizations.

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