Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that helps you hire talent across profiles and verticals. You can personally choose the candidates as per your budget and keep your hiring costs of one of the best staffing companies optimized. We work on a sanctioned fixed budget finalized for the project and outsourced employees and provide you screened manpower within the desired budgets. We ensure complete adherence to the statutory compliances and the regulations as per the labor law for our staff augmentation services.

We help you optimize your project costs by enabling you to:

  • Lock the budget of corporate staffing.
  • Have the flexibility of increasing or decreasing the number of candidates.
  • Work as per your seasonal or cost requirements.
  • Benefits of Staff Augmentation

    Let us take care of all your staffing solutions services like operational and administrative work, while you peacefully deal with your core
    responsibilities and collaborate effectively with your revenue-generating departments.

    Why are we called the Best Staff Augmentation Company in India?

    To hire the best people, you have to befriend the best temporary staffing company. And the best thing about YOMA is that our short-term expert hiring always ends in a long-term business relationship with our clients,

    Why are we called the Best Staff Augmentation Company in India?

    Companies urgently need to upgrade and extend their IT departments and have experienced people on board. Therefore, staff augmentation has become the standard. The worldwide staffing business is one of the most powerful sources of staff augmentation talent, with an estimated yearly spend of almost *$490 billion Staffing solutions services build strong professional relationships with their clients to predict and fill staffing shortages before they develop. YOMA is the best serving company for your short-term specialist hiring. Staff augmentation services have the potential to be both flexible and resourceful. Our technology-driven solutions make things feasible as well as fulfill your immediate needs and requirements of corporate staffing.

    Looking for the best staffing solution provider?

    YOMA is in the HR industry for the last two decades and has been dedicatedly providing a comprehensive range of HR services and management consulting to all-sized businesses. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, it is imperative to understand the current needs of businesses. Read more

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